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This is where you'll get video lessons discussing specific pitching topics, addressing your questions and the latest training methods that are working for my pitchers.

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NEW - 3 Step Wall Drill Series You Can Perform Anywhere

In this video you'll learn a highly effective "Wall Drill" progression for developing good early weight shift and powerful back leg action (specifically targets Power Moves #1 and #2 - See the Core Training section for full breakdown of these elements of a powerful pitching delivery)

Previous Videos...

Tips & Drills for Getting Over and Around the Front Hip

Learn the subtle nuances behind two of my favorite drills for teaching a pitcher to learn the feel for transferring momentum through his hips and trunk... Including two very important checks I use every time I work with a pitcher to see if he's leaking power.

2 Quick Checks to Fix Poor Stride Direction

"Pushing the Ball" & How to Fix It

Here is the article I referenced by Dr. Chris McKenzie - on how to assess and improve external rotation (without actively stretching to increase range of motion)

Tip for Training Good Glove-Arm Action

Proven Steps for Training Front Foot Stability

Grip, Forearm Tension and Wrist Velocity

Mirror Work: Get to Know Your Mechanics from the Inside Out