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This is where we'll dive in deep on pitching mechanics, including video motion analysis of big league and amateur pitchers.

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Bonus: One Way to Work on Being Sound with Your Front Foot

As I explain in the video, the front foot plays an important role in your delivery – both in terms of power and control/consistency. Key takeaways – how to tell if the front foot is an issue for a pitcher:

  • Does the entire front foot maintain good contact with the ground through ball release
  • Does the pitcher spin out on his heel as he throws
  • Does the pitcher lose balance/direction and peel off towards his glove side (1st base for a RHP)
  • Does the front knee collapse over his toes
  • Does the pitcher launch his body towards home plate after ball release

That last one is an energy leak – often from getting out front too soon, or too much emphasis on getting linear (extension), reaching out towards home plate rather than whipping over and around the front leg and hip. Keep an eye out for a new video on this last point in the near future.

Further reading: here is an excellent article from Graeme Lehman on front leg strength and the concept of ground reaction force.