Core Training Programs

Please make sure to check out these Core Trainings videos, as they will help you establish your foundation and get the most out of BetterPitching Academy.


Section One: The Ballistic Pitching Drills

The drills in these videos come directly from my Ballistic Pitching Blueprint program. I've included the Core Four Throwing Drills, The Dynamic Balance Drills and the Power Pitching Drills here, as they make up the Core drills for developing a Balance, Timing and Power in your pitching delivery.

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The Dynamic Balance Drills


Side Hops

Speed Skaters

Side Hops with a Turn

The Core Four Throwing Drills

Torque & Turns

Power Catapults

Double Leg Lifts

Step Behinds

The Power Pitching Drills

Front Knee Catapults

Momentum Catapults

Toes-In Hip-Loaders

Load & Go's

Section Two: The 5 Power Moves

These videos come directly from my 5 Power Moves video program. You can learn a LOT by watching how big league pitchers generate power in their deliveries. Remember, it's not about copying someone else's mechanics... But there are certain key things that all hard throwing pitchers do well when compared to most amateur pitchers.

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Power Move #1: The Big Shift (Early Momentum)

Power Move #2: The Backside Power Engager

Power Move #3: The Counter-Balance & Loaded Stride

Power Move #4: The Lower Half Unwind Into Foot Plant

Power Move #5: The Stabilize & Launch Sequence