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Backside Arm Care - Mini-Plyo Balls Or Bands for Reverse Throws/Decel Training

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Bell Clubs - 3 Moves for Strengthening Your Pitching Arm

In this video I show you what has quickly become my favorite tool for arm care and helping pitchers learn the feel for efficient arm action. Great for learning to transfer momentum effectively, these clubs designed specifically for pitchers do a great job of conditioning all of the decelerator muscles in the arm to increase power, velocity and durability.

Here's where you can get these bad boys for about $30: Tap Bell Clubs

I recommend the 2 kg model for most pitchers - may be too heavy for pitchers <12 yrs old

Note: There is a DIY method to make your own clubs if you're handy with a drill - total cost about $10. Hit me up in the Edufii Group if interested in going that route.

Tips for Improving Hip/Shoulder Separation & Core Torque

4 Moves to Improve Your Recovery - Added 2/11/16

NEW - 3 Moves to Prep Your Arm Before Throwing