BPA Bonus Trainings

Extra goodies to get your pitching (or coaching) juices going.

Little League Elbow - Thoughts & Resources for Being Proactive

Here is the PDF with the links to all the reference cited in the video:

LL Elbow Video Slides

Target Practice: Developing Power AND Command

This is a video clip from my Motion Mapping Method program, but I wanted to include it here because it touches on something VERY important for developing pitchers. Once you get the basic movements down, Command & Power is shaped by the Focus and Intent you place on your training.

The same way a basketball player develops his free-throw shooting by taking hundreds of shots, you develop consistency and feel for the baseball through focused throwing... That is, throwing with the desired GOAL in mind... Don't get caught up in the idea that every bad throw is because of a mechanical problem (it's a recipe for disaster)...

Miss high? Aim lower. Miss right? Try missing left on the next one... in time, you develop a feel what throwing to that spot feels like. And your mechanics take care of themselves. You still work on your delivery with your dry reps (without a ball), mirror work, etc. But this is the time for focused throwing... heighten your awareness, and your body will organize itself to achieve the end goal you're focused on.

Reliever Guidelines for IN-Game Prep

Motion Analysis: Guidelines for Recording Video for Effective Analysis

In this video we'll look at the 3 best angles for getting quality video for motion analysis, along with some important considerations to make sure you capturing video that will provide the most important visual information about the pitcher's delivery.

College Recruiting: Practical Steps for Nailing the Process and Landing at the Right School for You

Special guest presentation from Wayne Mazzoni - a college recruiting insider and Division 1 Pitching Coach. If you're a young pitcher or parent looking for simple, but powerful, actionable steps for nailing the college recruiting process, you're gonna LOVE this presentation.