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What's NEW in the Academy...

New "Arm Care & Conditioning" Video

 Bell Clubs - 3 Moves for Strengthening Your Pitching Arm

In this video I show you what has quickly become my favorite tool for arm care and helping pitchers learn the feel for efficient arm action. Great for learning to transfer momentum effectively, these clubs designed specifically for pitchers do a great job of conditioning all of the decelerator muscles in the arm to increase power, velocity and durability.

NEW - 3 Step Wall Drill Series You Can Perform Anywhere

Power Moves 3 Step "Wall Drill" Progression

In this video you'll learn a highly effective "Wall Drill" progression for developing good early weight shift and powerful back leg action (specifically targets Power Moves #1 and #2 - See the Core Training section for full breakdown of these elements of a powerful pitching delivery)

New "BONUS Trainings" Video

Target Practice: Developing Power AND Command

This is a video clip from my Motion Mapping Method program, but I wanted to include it here because it touches on something VERY important for developing pitchers. Once you get the basic movements down, Command & Power is shaped by the Focus and Intent you place on your training.

New Mechanics & Motion Analysis Video

12 Yr Old Pitcher - Lower Half Unwind & Posture

Video Analysis of a High-Level 12 year old pitcher, what he does very well, and the ONE big thing that will get everything on track for max power and efficiency in his delivery.

Welcome to  BP Academy

Welcome to the new BatterPitching Academy.  My name is Phil Rosengren (or  Coach Phil, as many of you know me), and I am so excited to have you aboard the BPA pitching community. This is going to be an amazing place for pitchers, parents and coaches to learn, grow and share ideas.


If you have any issues or questions, or are having trouble accessing the Edufii Training Space, please send an email to info@BetterPitching.com